Letter (2) to the North Devon Journal 21 March 2013

Transport is jammed up

I wholeheartedly agree with Patrick Adams’ letter (“Connectivity is important”, Journal, February 21).

It feels as if North Devon is missing out on an opportunity to streamline its public transport provision.

I am not knocking anyone working hard to keep us moving, thank you drivers.

What I find obvious is the lack of interest as to how a bus driver is supposed to drive through Boutport Street in Barnstaple without the delays currently experienced.

Much of the street is single carriageway due to the cars parked, and at one point, on both sides of the road.

Buses meeting in opposite directions have to give way to each other, plus all vehicles can use this route.

What is the use of our £44 million bypass if we have an empty Strand and Taw Vale and a clogged up bus route? Come on county councillors, it’s not rocket science!

Bus lanes, buses only on the Strand, Taw Vale and Boutport Street, how about a one-way bus route? While I’m on the subject please put pressure on Great Western etc. to add a carriage or two to the overcrowded trains which are intolerable as they currently are.

Thank you North Devon Public Transport Users for your excellent online page.


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