The following link is to an important document produced jointly by Cornwall Council, Devon County Council, Plymouth City Council, Somerset County Council and Torbay Council on the urgent need for increased investment in railways in the far south west to improve network resilience and to meet unprecedented rising numbers of passengers. Note, in particular, figure 7 on page 11, which shows that passenger numbers on the Exeter–Barnstaple line have increased by 159% in the ten years from 2002 to 2012. Within the far south west, only Plymouth–Penzance and Truro–Falmouth had higher growth.

The following websites, referred to elsewhere, are relevant to the arguments put forward by North Devon Public Transport Users.

The following website provides a useful guide to public transport, by bus and/or train, in Devon.

The following files are related to the Devon Metro project, which considers the future of rail travel around the Exeter area, the outcome of which may have repercussions for northern Devon.

Citizens’ Rail is an EU project to develop local and regional railways by involving the community. One of its projects has funding to improve the Exeter – Paignton line.

The following website is particularly applicable to bus users.

The following articles discuss rural transport issues.

Finally, for those with specific mobility issues around public transport:

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