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North Devon Public Transport Users (NDPTU) is a voluntary think tank and campaigning body. Its purpose is to advance the cause of better public transport for all who live in and visit northern Devon.

Recent Publication

On 23 February 2021 we submitted to Great Western Railway a paper, Proposal for the Development of Exeter St Davids as an All Ways Rail Interchange Hub.

Public Transport Matters

For more, see … Public Transport Matters — the need for proper debate about public transport.

North Devon Public Transport Users: What We Do

Open to all who wish to participate, North Devon Public Transport Users exists to promote and contribute to debate about public transport in northern Devon by:

For more, see … NDPTU: Nature and Role — what we are and what we seek to do, and Organisational Structure — the composition of NDPTU. Leaflets with more information are available from the Museum of North Devon (Barnstaple), the Tomlin Hall (Bickington) and the Burton Art Gallery (Bideford).

North Devon Public Transport Users: What You Can Do

We cannot guarantee to get back to you but all contributions are read.

Exeter–Barnstaple Rail Service
NDPTU’s Proposal for Radical Change

Click the title in the above box to read about our proposal for improved, integrated public transport in northern Devon.

NDPTU provides information and thoughts which, to the best of our ability, are accurate, sensibly interpreted and soundly argued. However, we welcome constructive criticism where it stimulates genuine and helpful public debate.

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